Normal's Just a Cycle on a Washing Machine

The witty memoir of local Dallas writer/mother Len Bourland as glimpsed through excerpts of her award winning columns from the Reagan Era to whatever this era is now. Sort through your laundry with hers as she begins in the Pre-soak halcyon days of a carpooling doctor’s wife and her Normal years of raising two sons and a daughter to her Spin Cycle of divorce and depression.

In her Second Cycle her load increases as she emerges as a working mother of adolescents who begins dating just as they do in the consumer 90s and New Milennium. With poignancy and humor she deftly brings us full cycle in her concluding Gentle Wash.

Her wry insights provide more than just a fast paced rollicking read as her recalibration of life reflects changes of society as a whole as we wash, spin, repeat. Len is the self-described child of the international corporate move and has many readers as she often broadcast her columns on KERA, local Dallas NPR.

Where to Buy Len's Book:

Texas: Preston Royal B&N, Logos, St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange, Incarnation and St. Michael bookstores in Dallas; River Oaks Books in Houson; The Twig in San Antonio; BookPeople in Austin

Tennessee: Vandy B&N, Parnassus Books in Nashville; B&N Memphis

Mississippi: Square Books in Oxford; Lemuria in Jackson

Georgia: “The Peach” B&N in Atlanta

Connecticut: Elm Street Books in Bridgeport

Amazon, BooksaMillion and any e-book format.

B&N or any book vendor can order if not in stock anywhere