Just gave birth…a .4lb firstborn (My new book) And I was writing about Donald in 1997…
September 5, 2016
Kirkus Review of Normal’s Just a Cycle on a Washing Machine
September 14, 2016

The Speed Trap…Again

clip-art-police-motorcycleEn route to Whole Foods on a sweltering Labor Day to get something to grill, like everybody else in America, I took the quick route through Highland Park, aka “The Bubble.” The last 4 way stop in the little bedroom community, about 10 yards from the entry to Whole Foods was free and clear, as I looked both ways to head into the jammed lot. I heard the whoo, whoo of a siren and I glanced around for the cause when a foghorn from a motorcycle cop told me to pull over. “What?” was my retort. Dripping sweat on this sweltering afternoon he politely told me to keep my AC going as it was too hot to turn off while he wrote me up for running a stop sign. Hardly, I was only guilty of not checking the bushes in my mirror as I checked around at the stop sign for people as there were zero cars. It was a holiday weekend and I should have remembered that’s when the cops go into revenue raising mode with traps. He smiled and told me to “drive safely” which I assured him as a grandmother of six I always did and wondered aloud why the police just did’n’t do what the firemen did and stick out a boot for money every now and then instead of annoying good citizens with technicalities. As I grumbled out of the store I noticed he was gone… it was really hot by now. Then I kicked myself. My book “Normal’s Just a Cycle on a Washing” begins in the 80’s with Mommy me getting stopped in a similar stop sign speed trap and getting ticketed with a group of vociferous pre-schoolers…who tattle. Why hadn’t I thought to get a selfie or video trailer with this sweating officer for my book promotion. Maybe I should go to court and try?